Barbados’ Independence Honoured in Brampton During Pandemic

The excitement within the city of Brampton was high for the second annual flag-raising to celebrate Barbados’ 54th Year of Independence as the bar was raised from the inaugural flag raising last year.

However, the coronavirus pandemic had other ideas and this year’s flag-raising was cancelled. Yet, BCEEN was undaunted in its determination to make sure that the celebration of Barbados’ Independence would be honoured this year. For the first time ever, the City of Brampton issued a proclamation recognizing November 30th, 2020 as Barbados Independence Day.

Furthermore, thanks to the support of Brampton’s Mayor, Patrick Brown and several Federal Brampton MP’s (MP Sonia Sidhu – Brampton South,  MP Ruby Sahota – Brampton North and MP Maninder Sidhu – Brampton South),  BCEEN’s executive team was able to put together the video to honour Barbados 54th Year of Independence which was well received by the Consulate of Barbados’ Toronto Office.

With that said, BCEEN looks forward to making Barbados’ 55th Year of Independence memorable in Brampton in 2021. But until then, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY BARBADOS!!!

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