About Us

In the heart of one of Canada's most dynamic and diverse cities, the Brampton Community & Economic Empowerment Network (BCEEN) stands as a beacon of action and transformative change. Born from a collective desire to make a tangible, positive imprint on the lives of Brampton's residents and the fabric of its business landscape, BCEEN is more than just an organization—it's a powerhouse of execution and results.

At BCEEN, we recognize that ideas alone do not spur growth or herald progress—implementation does. We pride ourselves on being the architects of change who roll up our sleeves and turn blueprints into reality. It is this unwavering commitment to 'getting the job done' that distinguishes us within the tapestry of Brampton's evolving narrative.

As we navigate the ebbs and flows of an ever-expanding city, our readiness to meet these challenges head-on is fueled by a clear-eyed vision of the future—a future where every voice is not only heard but amplified; where being seen is a right, not a privilege; and where being informed is the cornerstone of empowerment.

Our voyage is one of collaborative impact, and we invite you to embark on this journey with us, as partners and co-creators, in shaping a community that exemplifies our motto: "Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Informed." These words are not merely a catchphrase—they are the ethos that we embody with every policy we advocate, every business we champion, and every voice we elevate.

Conceived by the visionary leadership of Everton Dwight Campbell (Regional Councillor Candidate for Wards 2 and 6), Ryan Elcock, and Daryl Romeo (City Councillor Candidate for Wards 1 and 5) in the spring of 2019, BCEEN is steadfastly committed to:

  • Advocating with vigor for Brampton’s marginalized community groups, ensuring they are not just represented but empowered.
  • Championing Business Development with a laser focus on fostering a thriving economic environment within the city.
  • Crafting and advocating for forward-thinking policies that have a profound and positive impact on all who call Brampton home.

At BCEEN, we don't just dream of a better tomorrow; we orchestrate it. Join us in our mission to create a Brampton that is empowered, inclusive, and ready for the remarkable days ahead.